How to stay presistant to your goals

How to stay persistant to your goals

Setting and achieving goals is one of the most effective methods to improve yourself. These are the ideas and outcomes you envision for your future. Because all goals cannot be achieved at the same time, you must persist until all of your objectives are met. Because, sometimes, owing to unexpected events or a variety of other factors, you may fall off the track or fail to make the desired progress, and as a basic human instinct, you will give up. 

Furthermore, before making any decision, you need to understand a few things very clearly,  every task has some criteria, and every destination has a few obstacles to overcome. So, keep a few things in mind when creating goals or while accomplishing them.



We arrive in a hurry sometimes in our drive to accomplish the resolution, and we all know that speed leads to faults, not perfection. Because perfection requires calmness, time, and patience. Rushing to get to work increases the likelihood of making mistakes, which leads to dissatisfaction. If we are dissatisfied with our progress towards achieving a goal, we may take a few wrong steps which eventually demotivate us and reduce our willpower. But let me tell you something; mistakes are common, they happen to a lot of people, and becoming demotivated is a natural human behavior. 

As a result, we should never allow ourselves to always sit there. Take help, which not only stimulates you but also guides you back to the same path, no matter what the first erroneous step is. Because we must take many wrong turns before we find the right path.



We may set goals for ourselves by looking at others or by idolizing someone. But, every now and again, we forget that the goals we set for ourselves, the promises we make to ourselves, are unrealistic or dramatic. If they are dramatic or non-realistic, the likelihood of achieving or reaching that goal reduces. Because the point where we take a pledge to ourselves might be stressful at times. When we see our surroundings making commitments, we feel compelled to make one for us as well and as a result our goals can become hazy at times.Consider this; one of my friends made a vow to himself that he will get a better job in 2020. This was a statement he made to himself while looking around at his other friends. As a result, he received a job at the end of the year. But he wasn’t pleased or satisfied with it, believing that it wasn’t the proper thing for him. All this is because of the promise he made to himself to achieve a better job which is so ambiguous that there are no precise goals, statements or terms that he can’t articulate what he truly wants. 

Remember, the goal should be yours and for your own benefit. You can seek advice from your adored person and make a decision, but you should not be swayed by others.




Goals should always be realistic and should not depend on fantasies.If you want to accomplish a goal, you should calculate and then build our goals.

I’ll give you an example: 

I have a friend who just graduated from my college, and he made a resolution last year that he would earn 10 lakh Rs. per month. As we all know, it’s quite difficult for him or for a recent graduate to earn 10 lakh Rs. per month. I asked him why he chose this school, and he said it was because of his friends.I asked him if his friend is able to complete it or not, and he said yes. He was able to complete it because his friends have already started a business and he has done much work already so he achieved that but on the other hand, my friend just graduated and that’s why he couldn’t. As his goal was so wide and just impressed with his friend’s resolution that’s why he took it.So, never go for unrealistic goals. You need to think, calculate and analyze all your internal and external factors while choosing a goal in order to accomplish them successfully.



Sometimes we make commitments to ourselves in order to better ourselves. But in reality, we are not prepared to change.Sometimes the reason for failure in holding your goal is due to laziness.While everyone wants to accomplish so many things, many people are not willing to change, and no one wants to leave their comfort zone.As a result, the failure rate of fulfilling a commitment to yourself is greater than the success rate.Laziness is the most significant impediment in keeping commitments.

For example,

if someone promises himself that he would drop 20 kgs, but fails to do so. Because he is unwilling to change himself. His biggest challenge was lethargy; he was not prepared to go out and exercise, so he began dieting. Dieting will not make you slim; instead, it will cause you to lose weight and vitality.It will cause you to lose weight and energy. Instead, if you stop being lazy and start working, you will be able to fulfill that promise.




Sometimes, in our haste to complete the goal, we forget that this is not a burden that we must bear; instead, we must consider it as a hobby. so that we should appreciate it rather than seeing it as a burden. If you want to achieve something, if you want to fulfill the promise that you made to yourself, the first thing you must remember is that it should provide you happiness and satisfaction.You should not make a promise to yourself just for the sake of making a promise; instead, make a promise to yourself that would bring you happiness; only then, you will be able to achieve them, and only then will you be able to fulfill that thought cheerfully.



Too much thinking, but not enough doing

We, as humans, have a tendency to overthink; we make plans, strategies, and so on, but we constantly forget to put them into action in real-life. As the new year approaches, we all make resolutions about what we are going to do, what we want, and we will even plan everything accordingly. We all make strategies, but all of this will be in our minds only. We always make ourselves so busy in thinking but we fail to implement it. Because we almost spend our entire energy in thinking and in just thinking. But, when the time comes for implementation, we are left with zero willpower to take it up.

Fun Goals

On the other hand, make sure that every goal has some part that you find enjoyable so that you find the process rewarding in addition to the outcome.

  1. Sometimes changing our life is quite difficult because it’s tough to change overnight. Habits that have been created from the past or since our birth cannot be changed overnight. So that’s why, to change a habit, we should create a few small habits in counter to that and most importantly, we should create a habit every month. So that it will make us realize that it’s time, we need to change our daily routine, need to change our life and life cycle to achieve something, to get closer to a goal or closer to a resolution. For example, if you have created a resolution like you will lose around 60 Kg weight in 3 months, then it cannot be done overnight. Firstly, You need to make a habit of getting up early and sleeping early. Because, you must have listened “early to bed early to rise”. So that you can wake up early and exercise, meditate, by this you will develop a habit.  Sometimes we create big resolutions, since it’s quite difficult to maintain that willpower, urge to complete that goal, we fail. So it’s important to develop that thing in our regular lifestyle so that we cannot forget or we cannot have a second doubt like why are we doing this, we should do or not, and finally we become lazy. So that’s why you need to develop a habit if you want to achieve a goal.
  1. Finding support – sometimes it’s good to find support. Because we humans have different moods, have various situations and sometimes we don’t even know how we will react in different situations or what our mood will be. As you are so uncertain that we cannot predict ourselves sometimes. So from now, when you set your resolutions for a longer time of year or six months, then remember,  it’s quite difficult to have the same mood as your first day. So it’s good to have support. Support will always motivate you, will remind you what you have to complete like you have to complete this resolution and by this time. So you will also get motivated, you never forgot your entire goal or why you are doing this, why you need this, so having this kind of support with equal motive, equal interest, helps you in an achieving your goal or resolution
  1. Pamper yourself- pampering yourself means, if you like, we all love if someone appreciates us and someone has a good opinion on what we have done, it motivates us to become a good person or to do much better work in our field. So why can’t we pamper ourselves, we should reward ourselves if we achieve something good, if we have completed our daily calendar then we should reward ourselves. It will not only give us motivation but also give us a positive vibe, so that you can move forward in the same manner and get rewards more and as a conclusion you will achieve your resolution. 



· – Turn your goals into habits.

(Because habit is something that drives us daily to work on a similar path and helps us in attaining it.)

·  – Never object yourself from taking support. Because it is one of the biggest steps that helps you in running towards your goal.

· –  Hurdles are present everywhere in your life. So never let yourself down always. Learn to get up, cheer yourself and run your best.

·  – Remember, never travel alone when you haven’t started your journey alone.

·  – Life is unpredictable and no circumstance will tell you when it comes. So always have a plan B in everything or else always ready to adjust yourself to move out of your comfort zone. To be frank “There should not be a comfort zone while achieving something.” You should always be ready to push your limits.


In the end, there is no specific mantra to stay persistent. Understand the fact that life is never simple and hitting your targets is never easy. But, stay hard and stand strong while running on the path. Always move ahead with ease of getting that.

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