How to Identify your goals

The goal is a small word, yet it needs a significant amount of effort to achieve. In simple terms, it is a promise that we make to ourselves. Traditionally, it is taken every year, as in this year we will complete this aim at this time period. Sometimes we have positive habits that we want to incorporate into our life, and other times we want to get rid of harmful practices. 


It is a promise we make to ourselves beginning with the first day of the year.



What are goals?

A goal should always be something that makes your heart sing both during and after the completion of the procedure. A goal that inspires you to be a better person than you would have been yesterday. A goal should be similar to a skill that you want to develop in yourself, something you really want to add to your life or personality, but not something you want to show off to others. A goal should be anything like “I want to learn something and become a better person” or “I want to stand by my theme and values.” The objective should always be something pleasant that provides you with good sensations and boosts your self-esteem.



How to identify and pick the right goal for you? 

Everyone should choose a theme or value that will serve as the foundation for the rest of their lives. A theme that will make you proud when you get older, and when you look back on it, you should feel proud about yourself that you lived your life to its fullest and achieved every goal that you have planned or wished for, so you must first ask yourself what kind of person you want to be, and what kind of theme you want to follow across the whole life.

Rather than a specific measurable aim, choose a broader theme. Instead of making resolutions, pick one or two words to describe your upcoming year. It is more of a theme for the year than a single aim. Choose a theme that gets your blood to pump, gets you enthusiastic, and motivates you to take action. Can’t come up with a theme? How about love, peace, friendship, travel, or self-expression? Or perhaps fresh horizons, adventure, or mind expansion are a wonderful place to start.



Step by Step Guide to Make Goals Successfully

Step 1: for identifying your theme is to sit quietly and relax. 

Step 2: Now imagine yourself in various scenarios or as a different person (whom we refer to as a role model) and try to adapt yourself as a personality there. 

Step 3: Ask yourself if this is what you want to do. And, if so, why is it significant to you? What kind of bliss can you receive if you become like this? 


 Answers to all three questions will provide you with your theme.


Remind yourself of your main point. Stick a Post-It Note with your theme to your computer screen. Make a note of it on your bathroom mirror. Put it wherever as a fast reminder of what you’re all about right now. Resolutions are actions to be taken. Themes are a method to express yourself. 

Maintain an open mind to new options and changes in direction at any time in the future. Themes do not have to be rigid. If the theme you selected isn’t working for you, feel free to change it. Themes are intended to help you live your life more fully. You should never feel confined or restricted.



Types of Goals


Every individual in life has a separate space for everyone, and giving the proper time of priority at the right moment of a relationship is crucial; you must identify that or divide your goals in such a way. 


Where do you want to go in your career, or what do you want to accomplish? For example, if you desire to be a senior manager at your firm or start a profitable business. 


How much do you wish to make, and by when? What does this have to do with your professional objectives? For example, your income should be in the six or seven digits in the near future.


If that’s the case, how are you going to be a decent parent? How would you like to be perceived by a partner or members of your extended family? For example, you want to marry at a specific age, or you want a partner with certain characteristics, or you want to be parents at the age of 27. 


Do you have any artistic ambitions you’d like to achieve? As an example, you might desire to pursue a pastime such as painting or collecting various country currencies.


Is there any specific knowledge you desire to gain? What knowledge and abilities will you need to fulfill your other objectives? For example, you might wish to pursue a Ph.D. in your preferred field, or you might want to take some short-term courses, such as digital marketing, to sharpen your abilities.


Is there anything in your mindset that is holding you back? Is there anything about your behavior that bothers you? (If this is the case, create a goal to modify your behavior or solve the situation.) As an example, if you like someone and want to have some personality features, or if you want your personality to be confident and cheerful, 


Do you have any athletic objectives in mind, or do you want to be in good health well into old age? What steps will you take to accomplish this? Your weight should not increase by more than 90 kg if you want it to. 


How do you want to have fun? (You should make sure that some of your life is dedicated to you!) For example, if you enjoy nature, what areas do you want to visit? If you enjoy adventure, what activities do you want to do, such as skydiving, scuba diving, and many others? 

Goals for gratitude

Do you want to make the world a better place? If so, how so? You want to aid society, or you want to plant more trees, or you want to assist underprivileged people in their daily lives.


Once you’ve determined what you want in each of these unique scenarios, it’s time to put the finishing touches on it by following these two last steps for determining your goals. 


Step 4: Determine what is most important to you. 

Do it swiftly and uncensored – it’s fine if your list contains your kitten or your new sneakers. Your choices should reflect a snapshot of your life at the time and should not be pretentious or spectacular. 

Step 5: For each item on your list, ask yourself, “Why is this important?”

After you’ve identified your objectives, you should make them concrete by writing them down. 


Final Words

You can read and visualize your thoughts once you have made them tangible. You can have self-talk with them, and as a result, you will discover that you have thought in your head, and after putting it down, is this something that you want to attain, or is this something that you want to be called for in 10-15 years?  

By analyzing all the steps and aspects of your life, You can ensure that this year will be better and bigger. As all great things start with small steps. So why not start by organizing and planning these small steps.    


When you set themes for the new year, you can never fail. It is simply a game to play that gets you in action.


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