How to keep or maintain a relationship

A relationship, it is not difficult to form or be in a relationship; what is tough is to keep it with the same dignity and spark that you created in the beginning. You may have heard from many people that as a relationship age, people begin to take it lightly or not in the same way that it began, and the reason for this is that it has been so long that we no longer do all the things that we used to do in the starting, but this is wrong. The important thing is not to be in a relationship, but to develop that connection into a healthy relationship with the same constancy. And for this, you must have a reality check. or you can focus on the following points 

  • Expectations

Your expectations should always be realistic because you’ve probably heard the saying “expectations destroy happiness.” 

And this statement is true many times because having too many expectations will lead to sadness only if they are not fulfilled as you want and this is life, you must understand one fact calmly that everything cannot be fulfilled as you want and at the same time when you want, to complete every fulfillment, you need to be calm, patient enough and we all know we cannot be calm in every situation because we are human beings. To maintain a healthy relationship, your expectations should always be realistic so that they may be fulfilled quickly and without stress. Your expectations should not lead to disappointment. Your expectations should not motivate you to take actions that will influence your partner’s behavior. As an example, consider the following: 

You enjoy partying, but your partner has a habit of sleeping early and is not a big partygoer. And if you expect your partner to party every day, to stay up until late at night, it is practically impossible to do so for an extended period of time, because your partner may do so at first out of excitement or to try new things, but it will continue, it will affect your partner’s daily routine, and it will lead to irritation rather than excitement. However, if you plan to attend parties exclusively on weekends, you will be able to keep the spark alive in your relationship because you will both understand each other’s comfort zone. As well as entrainment zone

  • Talk with each other 

Communication is the most important aspect of any relationship, whether it is developing, maintaining, or perhaps even ending. Because communicating with each other about your every emotion, problem, aggravation, and everything else will help you and your partner develop a bond and a habit of sharing each other’s good and bad times, and this effort will provide the best results when your relationship is in need. Let’s look at an example to see how it works: – Vamika was dealing with some troubles and tension in her office, and as a result, she began to become rude and irritating most of the time, and this behavior continued at home and with her partner ( Rohan ). As a result, Vamika was unable to interact effectively with Rohan but Rohan understands her irritation and annoying nature deals with her peacefully and tries to increase their conversation so that Vamika could express what was causing her irritation later on Vamika discussed with Rohan and they both found a solution for that and later on Vamika felt much relaxed and calm after sharing with Rohan So this is how the power of communication helps Vamika and Rohan. They were having this kind of communication from the beginning, which is why Rohan helped her. What if they didn’t have this conversation from the beginning, causing Vamika’s annoyance, causing Rohan to become upset with her, resulting in a fight and increased stress in their relationship? As a result, you should maintain your relationship open to conversation and attempt to spend more time with your partner so that you may communicate your thoughts and feelings in a more comfortable manner.

  • Flexible

Your relationship should always be in a flexible phase because healthy relationships always grow and growth requires flexibility. As your relationship grows from day to day, you also need to start accepting all the good changes, and for that, your partner and you should always be flexible because if you start getting rigid, it will grow a seed of ego, and ego is not on the list of healthy relationships. Let us illustrate with an example: – Vamika has a tendency of cleaning and OCD qualities, but since Rohan loves mess, he prefers his things to be dirty rather than arranged, in the case of Vamika, the opposite is true, and if they want to live together, one of them must clean.

One of them needs to change their habits, but why should they when both of you can be flexible? So they both decided to come on mutual point is that when Vamika cleaned all the home, Rohan helped her in keeping all things in their place, and after sometime when Rohan again messed up at the end of the day, Vamika also contributed to that as part of the enjoyment and this is how they managed each other habits

  • Surprises

Giving your partner regular surprises, gifts, or any other action that gives an unexpected surprise will keep a regular spark and attraction in your relationship, because all of your actions will give regular attention as well as less insecurity in your relationship, and most importantly, it will always give the smell of your love or of that feeling why you love your partner the most in this world + it is a good sign of showing an increment of your love day by day as well as a good sign of showing an increment of your love We always believe that as our relationship evolves or matures, there is no need for any of these acts, yet this is the primary reason you lose your connection sparks. Anyone loves surprises, and the feeling of being special to someone at any age will bring happiness and, as a result, more security to your relationship; nothing in this situation is tied to maturity or getting older. It is all about happiness and showing to your partner that you are confident and have the sensation that you are the one and only for him/her in a relationship.

  • Playfulness

You should constantly be funny or cheerful in a relationship since it will help communication and getting to know your partner in a much better way every day because being more involved in activities will assist you to know every action and reaction of your partner. Activities can be of any form: playing board games, intellectual games, by playing these types of games, you will get to know each other’s intelligence and if your partner is missing someplace, you can help her/him, it will improve their confidence in you as well as in themselves. other options include doing adventures or sports together; by doing sports together, you will learn about each other’s fears and weaknesses, which you will be able to defeat together; this will develop your relationship and who you are. You will learn about each other’s fears and weaknesses, which you will be able to overcome together, which will strengthen your relationship. Who knows, the fear you may have had since childhood may be covered by the support of your partner by doing such activities together, or else you can try a morning walk or gym so that you can go for a couple of goals, as you have probably heard or seen on social media. You can also do it if you both enjoy dancing or singing. You can do it jointly in that activity, and you can even express yourself much better as a result, and as a result, you’ll both enjoy each other’s company in different ways. The best thing is that you’ll know each other better, and there will be more intimacy.

These are not the only aspects of a healthy relationship, but I can assure you that if you follow them, you will be on your way to transforming your relationship into a healthy one. a Understand that a relationship is full of ups and downs and that sometimes you just like a person and sometimes you love them, but remember that if you can appreciate both of them in this aspect, the ones you dislike and the ones you love, you have experienced playfulness in their relationship.

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