How To Track Your Goals

Planning to Live Your Life Your Way. Many people feel as if they are on their own in the world. They put forward a lot of effort, yet they don’t seem to get anyplace noteworthy. 

One of the main reasons they feel this way is that they haven’t spent enough time thinking about building a lifelong habit, and they haven’t given themselves a timetable and a priority. 

Setting a priority and a time period in life provides you with direction and motivation. They assist you in organizing your time and resources so that you may make the most of your life

Monitoring your work while implementing it is one of the most important things one needs to do in the entire process of goal accomplishment.

After identifying and structuring your goals, one must work on them in order to achieve it.

Desired Outcomes = Goals 

What is the definition of a habit? 

A habit is something that you do on a daily basis. Some people, for example, make a decision to quit smoking in three months. However, what you have been doing for years will not disappear overnight. 

You must understand that if you have a terrible habit, such as smoking every morning and then making a commitment not to smoke in the morning the next morning, it will not go away. You will feel dizzy and more tempted to have one cigarette, therefore you must understand that if you truly want to break a habit, you must replace it with a good one.

For example, if you have a habit of smoking in the morning, you can try starting exercising at that time; if you bring exercise into a habit, you will break it.

Plan of Action 

An action plan shows you where you are in relation to the ultimate objective and allows you to tick off each step as you execute it, which boosts motivation. 

When you write out your goals, you should also put down the particular steps required to achieve each goal. It will assist you in tracking your development in the future, and did you know? This is frequently the most overlooked step, yet it is incredibly beneficial in the goal-setting process.


Now, in order to track your progress, you must take the following actions. 

  • Make a plan –  we as humans have many goals and many things in our minds but it never comes to execution because we never write it down have always seen a successful man always a keep diary with himself because the first to become successful, it’s very common practice that people write that thing somewhere, the ones we started writing it down it will automatically come in the phase of execution because when you write it down, it gives a command to your mind that you have to complete it and sometimes your actions also read your mind and there is one more advantage of writing down that, you also get clarity that if we have to do this we have to complete the goal in this timeframe and you can never lie to yourself 
  • Develop one habit every month – we as a human always want that I work should be completed as we aim for and we want that it should be run fast but forget one thing always that big things need to develop a habit and sometimes by sticking by taking small steps can conclude achievement of goals in a correct time so for that we need to develop a small habit every month that that brings close us that can make close us towards a goal because developing a habit every human will complete your plans organize organizing be 
  • Organize your time  – if you want to achieve something so we should know how to manage our time how to organize our time so that we can give equal time or we can set our priorities what work we should do for how much time if you organize your resolutions in your daily routine will never get bored I will never get off track from that because once you put your resolutions on your calendar the time will move and according to time you will also move according to that calendar and by the time you can achieve your resolutions easily without any failure once you set your calendar never forgot what you have to do if you forgot if you skip any steps in achieving your goal so that’s why you should organize yourself in such a manner that you are a solution so your goals have equal priority and have your equal attention

And when you’ve completed these stages, you can refine your strategy by taking a look at this. 

Maintain Your Position

You must stay on track when developing your goal-setting strategy. Use reminders to assess your goals and where you are in the process. While your goal may remain constant over time, your action plan may change substantially. When it gets overwhelming, recall what drove you in the first place, be patient, and know that achieving goals is a series of tiny efforts completed over time.


Inform others about your ambitions in order to hold yourself accountable. It gives you the courage to share your ambitions, and sometimes the reaction of your peers to your aspirations motivates you to do so.

Thinking Positively 

Negativity has never been able to produce results, so think positively. You’ve probably heard of the law of attraction, which states that whatever you think will eventually happen just like you think in your mind. This universe works in the same way for you; if you think in your mind that your life is very bad, bad things will happen around you; however, if you start thinking that your life is very happy, believe me, happiness will come automatically to you. That is why you must be positive and think positively, since whatever you say will return back to you one day. Make Provisions for the Unexpected, Because life is full of surprises, it’s essential to start planning for them now. 


Self-talk is just motivation; sometimes, if you can’t find answers in the outside world, you can find them on the inside. You’ve probably heard that the solutions we seek in the outside world are only a short distance away; all you have to do is look, and in order to look, you must sit quietly and engage in self-talk. Which points you in the direction of unanswered questions or even anxiousness. Furthermore, it can reveal personal insights. If you are uncomfortable telling yourself that you are magnificent or that you WILL achieve a goal, this indicates that you have some underlying feelings that you need to address.

Consider Yourself Obtaining Objectives 

Visualize the process of obtaining goals so that your mind can develop the ways for doing so. 


Consistency and timetables allow you to track progress on a regular basis and make modifications as needed. One can never understand when to complete it if we won’t assign any specific time or date to our milestones. So, it is as important as properly structuring a goal to lay down the proper time period for achieving a target. More importantly, you need to give necessary and enough time to hit the target. On the other hand, we can push ourselves when we know that our deadlines are nearing by to complete them.

Mind Mapping 

Mind maps are useful for goal planning, organization, and communication. Map the targets and their timelines in a schedule. By doing so, you could have a detailed picture of what to do and when to complete that.

Recognize Your Fears 

Recognizing your anxieties allows you to confront and overcome them. and accept Failure. Failure to achieve a goal and dealing with disappointment provide an incentive to continue and try again.

In continuation of this, you should always be lenient to yourself throughout the process. Because there might be unexpected circumstances that fall in our path and because of that we might fall off track from what we are desiring. So, never let yourself down anywhere, respect the situation and respect the time, complete the unexpected tasks and come back to your desired path, motivate yourself, work with double force. 

So, you should always be in a situation to adjust yourself and the schedule. Apart from this, we should always prefer to take for support. Their expertise or knowledge could help us in knowing ourselves about our work and could also help us in revamping to get back to normal by motivating us, by pushing us whenever we fall out from the process. 

To some up the whole,

One of the key reasons why goals fail after proper planning is that we are unable to track ourselves. Sometimes we detour or distract from our path, but we believe we are working properly, and think started drifting away from our aim just now. In reality, it’s not true, we don’t even know when it started.

So, it’s always necessary that you have a second opinion or a cross-check on your work, whether you are doing the proper thing, does your effects will take you to the final point. To all of this, you just need one thing, and that is to track your activities and progress. 


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