My Journey

My story begins in 1963 at Selu, Maharashtra. I was a girl from a very good reputed conservative family with toys and fairy tales. Unlike others, I always aimed to stand out from the crowd. But all were shattered with my initial marriage at 16 years of age turning out fairy tales into real life.

Days passed on, accepting the truth, I started learning new things, experiencing different roles where I was just aware of a mother and father relation.  Having the first newborn within a year of my marriage showed me two sides of a coin. The happiness of motherhood on one side and a handful of responsibilities on the other at that small age.

Faced the first blow in the game of life

All these didn’t last longer, God had written down my fate even worse, making me a widow at such minor age and my in-laws taking away my newborn, not only deprived me of motherhood but also ended me in tears.

Within a couple of months, I lived through a couple of names, a girl, a wife, a daughter-in-law, a mother, and a widow with a lot of miserable pain. My life changed more than the weather changes in a year. But like before, accepting fate is all that I could do, and moved on to face what life had in store for me.

To get out of all the miseries, I started my education again after a lot of struggles with my parents and society. A ray of hope came into my life after a long time in the form of love. I believed, he would support me in mending all my shattered dreams and help me all the way in accomplishing them.

I thought, God showed mercy and gave me another beautiful life with a loving husband who promised me in giving a good and happy life, and two charming kids that nothing else can pull me down from reaching the place where I always wanted to stand.

Life unfolded eventually, but not in my favor. I understood, there is no word like ‘complete’ in life. Something would always be missing, which would cause trauma.

Two step forward and one step back

It was 1996, the first step of my journey in pursuing my dreams, I started teaching. Life gave me enough learnings to share with people to motivate them and could encourage them. For the time being, everything was going quite well.  But after a myriad of struggles again from family & society and the in-laws’ pressure dragged me from continuing it.

Just like it’s said ‘man plans and god laughs’.

Years passed, taunts from society and family pressure couldn’t change my mind. This time, I barely stepped in and started preparing myself to represent the country as a participant in the Mrs. India pageant. But just like it’s said ‘man plans and God laughs, even though everything was planned, my journey took a desperate turn. This time, it was a person’s ego, that stopped me from moving forward. Lack of financial independence and motherhood won the battle over my dreams.

Uncertainty is the most certain thing in the life.

After a long break, I decided to step into politics where I could help people, motivate them and guide them in what I faced from society and how I overcame it.

This time I was pretty sure of my survival in this zone as I fulfilled all my responsibilities as a mother and gained some financial support in the meantime. I joined one of the leading parties as a booth president and grew up and eventually stood as a regional vice president. But it too ended up with uncertainty.

Finally, I am here, Infront of you.

” Zindagi n bht rang dikhaye or sikhaye bhi

kuch rang ragistan ki garni ki trh paani ki talsh m toh

Kuch rang unn gulabi fullo ki trh jo baarish k baad khilate h

Aur kuch rang uss thandi hawa ki trh bhi jo insane ko bs tham jaane ko bolte h

But han hr rang alg tha

Hr rang kch seekh kar gya toh Kch banna kr gyaa “

I have seen my life being unpredictable, but I never missed any opportunity that came to me to reach my dreams. It just lies within us, what we choose to become.

All I wanted was an independent life on my terms and yet choices where never mine……

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